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really? are you going to put all the originals photos? *w*

Yeah. Why not? I prefer put the originals before people take my editions.

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The originals of (x) and (x). Hope you like it.

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News about Ludwigland.


Well, i’m coming to say something hard, its not about Xander, but it’s about the blog. We were two admins here, but now, one of us, left the blog. So, I’m going to stay here, to upload more things about Xander and originals photos for all of you. I hope you continue with me and with the blog.

Well, I’m Nerea, the other girl who uploaded some graphics and headers/icons. Like i said, i’m going to continue with this, because, this blog is important to me, and i would like staying here with all the followers and, of course, with Xander. I going to change things in the tumblr, but not all. Hope you like it. If you’ve questions, send me an ask.

See you.

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Anonymous said:
how do you know that alexander and nicole are still in contact? you mean based off of their twitters?

I think that they talked through twitter two weeks (or more) ago.

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"I’m changing the theme, sorry for the drawbacks."
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Anonymous said:

Of course ;)

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Anonymous said:
do you know if xander is back with Nicole? I'm sorry if you don't know or get this a lot, I'm just wondering!

We dont know, sorry. But they’re in contact :)

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Anonymous said:
Where is your side-bar image from?

That picture, from the set :)

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